The first practical concept of satellite communication was proposed by 27-year-old Royal Air Force officer, Arthur C. Clarke, in a paper entitled “Extra-Terrestrial Relays: Can Rocket Stations Give World-wide Radio Coverage?” and was published in the October 1945 issue of Wireless World, according to Britannica.

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Honing in on network innovation and evolution during MWC Shanghai 2024, Toni Eid, Founder of Telecom Review Group & CEO of Trace Media International engaged in an exclusive discourse with Ma Jichun, Chief Expert on Cutting-Edge and Emerging Technologies, China Unicom and Deputy Chief Engineer at China Information Technology Design & Consulting Institute to learn about his experiences and insights.

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Currently, four million technology professionals are immediately needed to bridge the gap in the cybersecurity industry, according to the World Economic Forum, emphasizing the widening shortage of global technology talents.

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Telecom Review has successfully hosted its latest webinar session entitled, “Riding the Wave of Generative AI,” co-sponsored by Nokia, Umniah, B-Yond, Salam, and Azerconnect Group, covering all aspects of generative AI and providing insight into what's beyond the hype and current real business applications.

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have emerged as essential digital connectors for modern enterprises, fueling innovation and enhancing the capabilities of their operations, products and services critical for both local and global business growth strategies.

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