At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023, Huawei's Yang Chaobin, a Board Member and President overseeing ICT Products and Solutions, introduced LampSite X, an innovative 5G indoor digital solution set to usher in a new era of indoor connectivity and intelligence.

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At the 2023 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF), the global tech company Huawei, in collaboration with du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), unveiled the ground-breaking world’s first 5G Advanced (5G-A) demonstration villa, an archetype for the future smart home living powered by a staggering10Gbps networks.

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This case study describes how Nokia helped du trial and subsequently deploy a multiband microwave backhaul solution combining high-capacity E-Band radios with the extended reach of lower frequency links in Dubai World Islands.

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Recent improvements in Gulf countries' fiber coverage and adoption have resulted in faster and more affordable internet services. This positive development reflects their commitment to enhancing the digital experience for residents. However, a significant challenge remains: the prevalent use of outdated Wi-Fi 4 standards in home networks. This legacy technology limits the full utilization of high-speed broadband, with over one-third of users still relying on it as of Q2 2023. As a result, many customers are unable to experience the full potential of their fixed broadband connections.

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During the 2023 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF 2023), Huawei's President of Wireless Solution, Cao Ming, introduced the inaugural comprehensive suite of solutions for 5.5G in the industry. Cao emphasized the timeliness of 5.5G in facilitating new experiences, connections, and services.

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In 1981, a historic economic agreement was formed between Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, giving birth to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This union had ambitious goals, seeking common ground in culture, regulations and currency, as well as technological and scientific innovation. More recently, GCC member states have shifted their focus toward diversifying their economies and transitioning to digital technologies.

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In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, one innovation stands out for its boundless potential: GPT-3. This remarkable language model, developed by OpenAI, has sparked excitement and curiosity across industries. Its ability to engage in natural, human-like conversations and generate coherent and creative content has captured the imagination of developers, entrepreneurs and researchers worldwide.

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This business use case showcases how B-yond deployed their innovative solution, "Continuous Assurance" (CA), to transform the Security Operations Center (SOC) operations of Ooredoo Qatar. CA utilizes advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to monitor Ooredoo's network health and customer experience in real-time. The solution's unique capabilities include early anomaly detection, root cause analysis and identification of impacted customers, resulting in quicker incident response times and improved troubleshooting.

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