At the recently concluded Huawei Cloud Summit Middle East and Africa 2022 in Dubai, UAE, Huawei reiterated the cloud's integral role in accelerating the region's digital transformation and inspiring innovation across its industries. Under the theme, “Inspire innovation with everything as a service”, the summit brought together over 1000 government leaders, customer representatives, and industry experts from the Middle East and Africa, exploring how cloud computing can serve and advance industries such as public services, finance, carriers, media, e-commerce, and gaming. During the summit, experts also shared how industries can better leverage cloud and AI technologies across various functions.

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The ongoing technological advancement is making the Internet of Things (IoT) adoption spur worldwide, with the number of IoT-connected devices projected to increase to 43 billion by 2023. Amidst the latest wave of IoT maturity and execution of bespoke solutions, considering an approach that can respond to the fragmented nature of IoT technology is a strategic move.

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Along the sidelines of GISEC 2022, the government stage tackled the interesting topic of the governments’ actions in ensuring that cities are secure by design. Representatives from the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, among others have shared their insights on government commitment to cybersecurity.

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The European parliament and EU member states agreed on a landmark law to curb the market dominance of iconic big tech giants such as Google, Meta, and Apple. Serving as internet gatekeepers, these companies will be subject to new regulations starting on January 2023.

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According to the latest statistical analysis by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), the share of people's incomes spent on fixed broadband and mobile Internet services increased globally last year, in parallel with upticks in demand and usage compared to 2020.

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The migration from 4G to 5G including 5.5G innovation to enrich the customer experience across multiple markets in the Middle East has begun. With this new connectivity, the need and demand to introduce new digital services in the market is evident and CSPs are looking for flexible ways to deploy 5G private networks and deliver services such as network slicing and edge computing to manage customers’ needs.

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