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Gulf Bridge International (GBI) has deployed Infinera’s industry-leading Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE) technology to increase capacity on GBI’s smart network. This has enabled GBI to launch new initiatives like its Capacity Protection Program and prepare for major events like the World Cup scheduled to take place in Qatar later this year.

“Deploying Infinera’s ICE technology across our network provides the terabits of capacity required to meet the demanding bandwidth needs of the region,” said Gavin Rea, chief technical officer at GBI. “This deployment has enabled GBI to kick off our exciting new Capacity Protection Program to better support our customers and stream international events with reliability and ease. With Infinera’s ICE technology, we are well-positioned to provide a variety of reliable, high-capacity services now and in the future.”

Positioning GBI’s network for success, Infinera’s ICE technology on the GX Series Compact Modular Platform has enabled GBI to launch its Capacity Protection Program, which seeks to provide customers with increased protection and optimize both the restoration and repair processes, as well as take a proactive approach to fault prediction and detection. Launched earlier this year, GBI’s program will provide billions of international viewers with a seamless viewing experience of the world’s largest football competition.

“GBI operates significant subsea and terrestrial networks in the Middle East and globally, providing their customers with industry-leading network services,” said Nick Walden, senior vice president, worldwide sales, Infinera. “By deploying Infinera’s high-capacity coherent optical transmission solutions on their smart network, GBI is able to increase network capacity and deliver new services to their customers. We are delighted to support GBI and their customers throughout the Middle East and globally.”

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