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Orange Luxembourg has officially announced the launch of its 5G network. The telco has confirmed that the 5G network was launched and activated on 23 November.

The initial stages of the rollout will ensure 5G coverage in Luxembourg City and surrounding areas, Kirchberg, Bertrange, Strassen and the airport.

As part of their mobile plans, Orange’s subscribers in those areas will now be able to enjoy 5G services at no extra cost. The operator also stated that it has plans to “support customers in this digital change” which will be achieved through their launch of a major program of demonstrations and events in their stores from 10 December.

“We aim more than ever to differentiate ourselves through the quality of our networks. We are also taking advantage of the 5G deployment to renew all our 4G equipment with the latest generation of energy-efficient antennas,” said Orange Luxembourg CEO, Corinne Loze.

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