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Azerconnect Group has officially been welcomed into the Vodafone Partner Markets family. The partnership intends to leverage Azerconnect's expertise in Azerbaijan's ICT and high-tech sectors and converge this expertise with Vodafone's global skillset, innovation, and scale.

Azerconnect Group is a key player in Azerbaijan's ICT and high-technology industries, while Vodafone Group is a leading European and African telecoms company. The partnership agreement was signed by Johannes Hummer, Regional Head of Middle East, Africa, Caucasus and Central Asia, Vodafone Group; and Emil Masimov, Chief Executive Officer, Azerconnect Group.

"Azerconnect Group is the largest ICT company in Azerbaijan with a proven track record of success. As a Vodafone partner market, we can leverage Vodafone’s extensive global telecoms expertise. I am confident that this collaboration will significantly accelerate the sustainable development of Azerbaijan's ICT sector,” commented Masimov.

The partner market agreement will enable Azerconnect Group to accelerate development in crucial areas such as digitization, security operations centers, network technologies and commercial services.

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Remarking on this feat, Petr Dvořák, CEO of Vodafone Partner Markets, added, “Azerconnect Group is an innovative company and a leader within Azerbaijan. My team look[s] forward to working with them to bring our experience in telecoms and business technology to develop the quality of service available to their customers as part of the partner markets family.”

Vodafone is set to enter into a partnership with the Azerconnect Group, aiming to achieve significant cost savings and enhance value creation. This collaboration is expected to streamline operations, reduce expenses, and improve overall efficiency for both companies.

Through shared expertise and resources, Vodafone and Azerconnect Group will work together to develop innovative solutions that can drive growth and deliver better services to their customers. 

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