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du, commercially rebranded from Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (EITC) has announced the deployment of large-scale three carrier aggregation in TDD Massive MIMO at its base station, which will help maintain its leadership in 5G user experience in the market with a peak data rate of over 5 Gbps.

This development is a new milestone in the operator’s pursuit of 5G-Advanced technology. du completed 5G two carrier aggregation in TDD Massive MIMO on the entire network in 2022, boasting a peak data rate of 3.6 Gbps. du’s 5G traffic exceeded 60% of the overall mobile traffic by October 2023, carrying traffic that is more than the 4G and 3G traffic combined.

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The camping of users on the 5G network fully demonstrates the success of the du 5G network, while the deployment of large-bandwidth three carrier aggregation in TDD Massive MIMO will bring unprecedented network experience to the users. In addition, du has successfully deployed ELAA (Extreme-Large Antenna Arrays) technology; going from traditional 192 AE to 384 AE; with an approximately 30% enhancement in user experience and an approximate 30% reduction in power consumption, contributing to greater energy efficiency and a carbon footprint reduction.

Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer at du, said, "Since the introduction of 5G in 2019, we have successfully introduced multiple innovative services, with our 5G home wireless offerings garnering widespread acclaim and propelling us to the forefront of the market. Through the implementation of TDD large-bandwidth three carrier aggregation, we are taking a stride towards ensuring an unparalleled 5G user experience, marking the initial phase of our journey towards 5G-Advanced commercial deployment."

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du achieved speeds of 10 Gbps during the 5G-Advanced trial in 2023, remaining focused on surpassing technical milestones and ensuring that users across the UAE benefit from unparalleled connectivity. In line with its long-term commitment to supporting the development and enhancement of the UAE’s connectivity goals, du has always been innovating and putting these technical milestones into practice.

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