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At the Mobile World Congress 2016 that was held in Barcelona, STC's CEO, Dr. Khaled Hussain Al Biyari, signed an agreement with Qualcomm, represented by its President, Qualcomm MEA & Eastern Europe, Mr. Jihad Srage, in view of establishing a strategic collaboration between both companies in the field of modern and advanced solutions in various domains related to data technology and new generations communications.

This strategic agreement includes the various usages and publications of technologies such as those used by smart cities, smart homes and smart transportation as well as "The Internet of Things", a technology aimed at the new generation of internet.

"The Internet of Things" enables devices, such as smartphones, to internetwork through the internet protocol and allow users to work remotely by controlling physical objects without being in a specific place to interact with those devices. For example, monitoring a babys breathing with an object embedded with a computer chip interacting with your smartphone while you aren't physically in the room.

Furthermore, the agreement includes the collaboration to introduce and present the most recent technology solutions in the third and fourth generations' networks and their development through the experience of the chips group at the companies associated with Qualcomm Inc. and its consistency with the Saudi telecom market.

In order to fulfill the growing needs and demands of Saudi Arabian society's various groups for the best and most recent technologies, STC plans on applying the various international testing and experiences corresponding to those needs.

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