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Asiacell, once again, assumes a prominent leading role in Iraq by being the platinum sponsor of the Iraq Digital Transformation Summit that took place virtually on the 5th and 6th of May 2021 where many influential and revered thought leaders tuned in from around the globe to participate and share their thoughts on Iraq’s digital transformation strategy. Eminent attendees included Iraqi government officials, decision-makers, strategists, digital innovators, transformation leaders, banks, financial services providers, and donor organizations, to name a few.

The virtual summit encompassed many imperative topics and novel ideas regarding digital structural reforms in a series of dynamic keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and strategy dialogues. Among these topics were changing from paper to a data-driven economy, implementing the e-government within governmental institutions, accelerating electronic banking and financial inclusion, and carrying out new e-learning systems that resolve Iraq’s educational challenges. Moreover, the summit also discussed emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing, analytics, and robotics and how these groundbreaking innovations need to be utilized to contribute to Iraq’s development. One example used to illustrate this advancement was Asiacell datacenters which have proved to be the reference in technological superiority, especially with four of them as Tier 3 datacenters as certified by the global UpTime institution.

Even though not many sectors in Iraq have been digitalized, the telecommunication industry stands as the only competitive and developed technology sector. Asiacell, being the most prominent among telecom companies, has taken the responsibility to transform Iraq into a digitalized country by curating, supporting, and sponsoring ‘Iraq Digital Transformation Summit.’ With the presence of and access to networking technologies like the internet and mobile phones, this summit will lay the foundation for a digital economy, enhance Iraq’s global competitiveness, and open the portal towards an exceptional quality of life for its communities.

“We are delighted to have a leading role in this summit, whereby we confirm our readiness to be a change player in digital transformation in Iraq. The number of mobile subscribers for traditional communications is currently close to 99%, while the number of internet subscribers in Iraq is about 30 million, thus providing 75% of the population access to the worldwide web,” said Abdulla Hassan, Asiacell’s spokesperson and integrated marketing communications director.

He added, “It’s not an impressive percentage, but it’s an excellent indicator because it exceeds that of the global median, which is close to only 50%, keeping in mind that the number had increased by 11 million internet users between 2019 and 2020 and that the ratio of smartphone subscribers on our network is above 72%. The continuation of remote work and studying is evidence of this awareness and an illustration of these numbers; thus, the shift to e-government, for sure, would be a success for all stakeholders.”

The dawn of a new era is coming, and Asiacell is at the forefront of bridging the gap between Iraq and digitalization, bringing to life unlimited possibilities, multiple benefits, and promising opportunities for its government, businesses, and most importantly, its people.

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