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Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, launched IPv6, which makes trillions of IP addresses available to its subscribers. This release comes within the framework of Alfa's future vision and strategy for the development of the mobile sector in Lebanon. It addresses the challenge faced by Internet users with the IPv4 release and namely the scarcity and depletion of IPv4 addresses.

"This move comes in the natural context of the development that Alfa is witnessing within our pioneering digital journey, following the launch of the first 5G live trial in Lebanon and VoLTE," said Imad Hamed, Alfa's Chief Technology Officer.

"This launch supports Alfa's strategy to further enhance the capabilities of our network to enable Internet of Things and smart services, in addition to supporting the development plans of the government, ministries, companies, application developers and entrepreneurs, therefore enhancing the capabilities of the telecommunications sector and contributing to economic growth."

He added that the launch of this version "also enhances cyber and digital security and serves Alfa's approach in the field of sustainable development."

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