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The government of Oman has initiated a bidding process inviting companies to help design and launch Oman’s first satellite by 2024.

The tender, issued by the Space Communications Technology (SCT), deals with the procurement details of the OmanSat Satellite Program.

SCT was founded by the government to spearhead its National Satellite Program by building the national satellite communications infrastructure, and serving public and private telecommunication network needs.

“The company’s operational plan is based on the procurement of a High Throughput Satellite (HTS) (OmanSat-1) and associated services, providing coverage of the Sultanate’s entire territory, its economic waters, and associated external markets,” said SCT in its tender announcement. “The satellite is required to be operational by 2024.”

“SCT therefore invites satellite vendors to submit technical and commercial proposals for provision of the above services in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the tender documents,” added the organisation.

In order to participate to the tender, bidders are required to pay a tender fee to access all tender documents which can be obtained by email, or by visiting the SCT’s offices near Sultan Qaboos University in Al Khoudh.

The satellite and associated services delivery is structured into three key elements. The first, titled the Space Segment, includes satellite launch, launch services, orbit raising services, in-orbit testing, training, internships, dynamic satellite simulators, and insurance support.

The second aspect involves the Ground Control Segment, and consists of setting up primary and back-up satellite control centres, payload control, capacity management, radio frequency and antennas, and training and support services.

In-country services, including installation and commissioning of ground control segments, and training and support services are the third aspect of services companies need to provide that are covered by the tender.

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