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On May 9th, during the Huawei Middle East, (Huawei ME), media round table at The Atlantis Hotel, The Palm in Dubai, UAE, Steven Yi, President of Huawei ME; Vanness You, VP of marketing and solution, Huawei ME; and Amar Tobba, VP of public affairs and communications, Huawei ME exclusively listened to questions from members of the press including that of Telecom Review.

When asked about key collaboration models in which Huawei partakes in within the region and how these influence the growth and maturity of the company's digital technologies, Yi responded, “Huawei is a provider of end-to-end ICT products and solutions. We collaborate with customers in various models. It is our vision to bring connectivity to every person or organization.”

“In the carrier telecom market, we've collaborated with customers in more mature models. We hope to become the number one choice of partner for telecom operators in this region and provide to them successful and advanced network technologies and services to help them achieve success,” Yi explained.

It is worthy to note that Huawei’s IntelligentRAN had been launched on the same day, in collaboration with Middle East’s leading operators Etisalat UAE — part of e& — Zain, stc, and du to fulfill the telecom vendor’s vision of wireless network intelligence — iService for zero-wait agile provisioning, iNetwork for optimal network and energy efficiency and iOperation for zero network faults.

Elaborating further in his statement to Telecom Review, Yi added, “In the enterprise market, we work with our end customers in this region to support their digital transformation. In the cloud market, we work with companies as well as developers to serve customers and provide stable, reliable, and trustworthy cloud services that help create value in the ecosystem. In the consumer market, we provide a scenario-based solution in the ecosystem and provide a superior experience.”

“For consumers; individuals; enterprises; and telecom operators, we adopt different collaboration models, so that we can provide high-quality services, that are constantly improving, to customers in this region,” Yi concluded.

During Yi’s opening remarks at a Leaders’ Summit Event, he explained how lighting up the future will be delivered as they continue to enhance partnerships and bring new technology that enriches new life and enables new opportunities. “We are in MEA for MEA,” declared Yi in his presentation.

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