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In its recent virtual panel entitled “Digital transformation driving the next phase of innovation”, Telecom Review discussed the shortage of digital kills as a big concern and what strategies are being implemented to meet this demand and to reach digital transformation goals.

According to Karim Benkirane, CCO, du, “If digital gurus come to an organization which operates in a waterfall mode, they will leave the next day. These talents want to be involved in an agile company. Besides, there is a massive global competition between different telcos because we need to make sure that we can create the right ecosystem not to mention that we are competing with all the digital master businesses; and that’s what we have done at du.”

du reached good speeds and scale level, thus attracting more talents to help. Karim added that attention should be given for HR. “We are used to hire people and use their skills and expertise, but digital gurus need people who will keep learning, knowing that what has been built today will not be relevant tomorrow. So this culture of learning needs to be a part of the HR tools.”

In terms of customer experience, Benkirane has mentioned how telcos previously have a negative net promoter score (NPS) which is a widely used market research metric asking respondents to rate the likelihood of recommending a company, product, or service to a friend or colleague. Thanks to digital transformation, the NPS of telcos today are higher. The digital journey also made the concept of a minimum viable product (MVP) into the mainstream. This is when a new product is introduced in the market with only basic features and the other features are added later on as per feedback.

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