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Telecom Review is celebrating World Telecoms Day with a special newsletter for the second consecutive year. The telecommunications sector has been playing a crucial role and proved its resilience and ability to overcome all sorts of challenges.

“On the occasion of the World Telecom Day, as the founder of one of the industry’s most influencing media and events platform, I wish everyone working in the telecoms and ICT industry to stay safe and achieve continuous success,” said Toni Eid, CEO and founder of Telecom Review Group.

“Our industry along with the medical industry were leading the fight against the pandemic. The ICT industry was among the players that were in a quest for solutions. High-end technology was deployed in very sophisticated labs and all scientists were using ICTs to share live information from Germany to USA (in the case  of bioNTech and Pfizer ) or across Chinese cities to create vaccines. Telecom platforms and networks allowed everyone to seamlessly communicate despite all the existing lockdown measures. Our industry proved its vital role and today, I call upon all players to keep going and support the world.”

Jeff Seal, managing partner at Telecom Review North America echoed the sentiments of the CEO, “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day reminds all of us in this industry just how important our work is to this world. We provide the technologies to help develop COVID vaccines and at the same time allow friends and families to stay in touch over large geographic distance using video conferencing/video chat when the whole world is on edge over the virus issues.”

He added, “I recently spoke with the Governor of Texas who reminded me and congratulated me on just how essential our business is to the ongoing development and safety of our lives. At Telecom Review we take these responsibilities to heart as we continue to inform, educate and develop our colleagues around the world on ways to continually innovate. We are committed to our industry both locally and literally around the world!”

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