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Batelco has announced its partnership with Huawei to donate 500 sets of Smart Home Wi-Fi products to INJAZ Bahrain, addressing the requirements of distance learning.

The partnership was announced during a virtual ceremony attended by Batelco Bahrain CEO Mikkel Vinter, Huawei Bahrain CEO Cao Hongyu (Jason), INJAZ Bahrain Executive Director Hana Sarwani and Huawei Middle East Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications Li Xiangyu (Spacelee).

During the current circumstances, the increase in the percentage of distance learning has led to an increase on the dependence of the Internet, and accordingly, it’s important to apply the use of smart Internet management. The Smart Home Wi-Fi product enhances network coverage around the home.

Batelco CEO Mikkel Vinter said, "As part of Batelco’s responsibility to support the community, Batelco seeks to build strong relationships with its partners and explore areas for shared initiatives that add value and have a positive impact. The current situation has created a major need for distance learning and we are pleased to collaborate with Huawei and INJAZ Bahrain to provide solutions that support this need. Smart home Wi-Fi devices have proven to make the most of the Internet, improving the distance learning experience.”

“We are delighted to be working together with Huawei and INJAZ Bahrain to ensure the successful implementation of this project and to make a difference in the community,” he added.

Hana Sarwani, Executive Director of INJAZ Bahrain, said, "We appreciate Batelco and Huawei's combined efforts and contributions to support INJAZ Bahrain remote education by providing the Smart Home Wi-Fi products. We believe that this will greatly improve our remote education experience, and we will always strive to improve the overall education quality."

Spacelee, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Huawei Middle East, said, “Driven by a responsibility towards the communities in which we operate, Huawei is committed to supporting digital inclusion in Bahrain, and strongly believes in supporting education in particular. We believe that everyone everywhere has the right to education and the equality of opportunity it brings. 

He added, “Education disruptions due to COVID-19 might widen education gaps and aggravate the digital divide. We hope to use our expertise in connectivity, applications, and skills development to empower more individuals, families, and organizations in Bahrain. Moreover, we remain committed to building the bridges that cross the digital divide, equalizing educational opportunities, and improving teaching quality through new ICT solutions—paving the road to smart education.”

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