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Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., recently held an awareness session on data security best practices at Emirates College of Technology (ECT), in Abu Dhabi.

The initiative was taken to address the cyber security challenges in the region and how to safeguard data in digitally transformative times.

The discussion, led by Kingston Spokesperson Khalil Yazbeck, was specially designed for all students, teachers and ECT staff, emphasizing the importance of data security through real world statistics and information about different industries that are affected by data security regulations.

The talk primarily highlighted the need for data protection in this digital era, the talk relayed incidents in different organizations, differentiating between data security and data privacy to minimize risks.

“This is a great opportunity for us to be invited by ECT and share our experiences and expertise about the challenges associated with protecting critical data. It is a unique venture for Kingston to hold a talk at a university, to raise awareness about the importance of data security and the measures taken to adhere to key compliance and standards. In a time of accelerated Digital Transformation in the region, we were thrilled to share crucial information with the youth of today, ensuring they rethink their approach towards cyber protection; and make the right decisions once they step out in the job market,” said Khalil Yazbeck, Business Development Manager for UAE, Kuwait and Oman at Kingston Technology.

Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni, President & CEO of Emirates College of Technology commented, “Kingston Technology is a key player in the data security industry, manufacturing encrypted products and solutions, and it is our pleasure inviting them to hold a session here at ECT. We are humbled to host an opportunity for our students and teachers, to not only learn more about best practices and industry trends in safeguarding data, but to implement these practices in real life. Kingston’s session focused on data security compliance frameworks, cybersecurity from a leadership perspective, malware, threat risk assessments and hardware and software encryption will help address the growing security concerns in the region, enabling our students to understand key security practices for a secure digitized future.”

The event represented a unique learning experience for students and teachers alike, allowing them to understand the consequences of data breaches and security in the MENA region, hardware and software encryption; and the technology and solutions impacting processes and strategy to ensure data security implementation at all levels in an organization.

The talk concluded with an informed and enthusiastic question answer session with the attendees.



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