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Focusing on the company’s expansion from the UAE to the world, Salvador Anglada, CEO of e& enterprise revealed the company's vision, the influence of emerging technologies, and its objectives for MWC 2024 in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review.

Could you please provide us with your vision for e& enterprise?

We are a part of e&, one of the verticals, and our primary focus lies in maximizing the digital potential of our customers. Our mission revolves around enabling our customers with robust solutions platforms, thereby facilitating their transformation into fully-fledged digital entities. In the UAE, we hold leadership positions, and our ambition extends globally as we endeavor to provide our services across different geographical regions.

Our offerings encompass end-to-end solutions, aiding customers in migrating their infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly. Furthermore, we prioritize the security of this infrastructure through our comprehensive cybersecurity services, ensuring the safeguarding of data. Throughout this journey, we stand alongside our customers, offering unwavering support and guidance. Our ultimate aspiration is to emerge as the foremost champion in our field. Currently, there is no clear champion in the region capable of delivering the breadth of services that we provide. Hence, we are driven by the ambition to continuously expand our reach and offerings. Our growth trajectory reflects this ambition, with a remarkable year-over-year growth rate of over 30%.

What role will emerging technologies such as AI and IoT play in the future growth of the company?

When considering future growth, one cannot ignore the pressing importance of AI, a topic that has garnered widespread attention. Indeed, the emergence of generative AI, exemplified by innovations like ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs), has propelled discussions about the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). However, it's essential to recognize that AI has been evolving for many years, prefacing these recent breakthroughs. Previously known as predictive AI, efforts were focused on developing algorithms to automate specific processes and enhance intelligence.

With the advent of generative AI, we have witnessed a significant explosion in capabilities. As a result, one of our primary objectives is to assist customers in harnessing the potential of AI, guiding them through the adoption process and optimizing its benefits. Particularly in the realm of IoT, this initiative stands as one of our most substantial endeavors. Over the years, we have amassed a track record of successful projects, integrating sensors into a comprehensive platform and developing numerous applications and use cases.

Our contributions extend across various domains, including smart city solutions, where we have implemented innovative systems for building management and city intelligence. Notably, our Safe City solutions, such as the National Fire Alarm system, exemplify the intelligence and connectivity embedded within our platforms. These systems are designed to detect and respond to fire-related incidents swiftly and effectively, enhancing safety on a national scale.

Moreover, we have modernized traditional utilities, such as the smart grid, by implementing advanced technologies to monitor and manage energy consumption in real-time. Through creative ideas and cutting-edge solutions, we strive to optimize efficiency and promote sustainability.

Today, we are augmenting these solutions with artificial intelligence, adding another layer of sophistication and efficiency. Combining AI with existing infrastructure not only enhances intelligence but also unlocks unprecedented value for our customers. As we continue to innovate and evolve, we remain committed to leveraging the full potential of AI to create transformative solutions that redefine the way we live and work.

What precise strategies are you considering to enable smooth collaboration among stakeholders in advancing e& enterprise’s goals?

I believe this is where our expertise truly lies. Collaboration with various stakeholders is essential in our line of work. The term ‘coopetition’ perfectly encapsulates our approach, as we often find ourselves both collaborating and competing with others in the industry.

One of our standout features is our extensive ecosystem of partners. We have forged strong relationships with all the major technology companies, integrating their state-of-the-art solutions into our own platforms. This collaboration enriches our offerings and enhances the value we deliver to our clients.

Moreover, we possess the ability to create ecosystems ourselves. A prime example is our blockchain venture, which we nurtured into fruition, establishing a platform that has brought together 15 banks and financial institutions. This ecosystem facilitates financial trades, risk management, and risk mitigation, showcasing the power of collaborative innovation.

Currently, we are embarking on initiatives to connect smaller companies with our Salesforce, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to value creation. These activities are not out of the ordinary for us; they are simply part of our standard practices. It's all about connecting the dots and leveraging our network to create value where others may not see the opportunity.

In essence, what sets us apart is our ability to forge connections and create value through collaboration. By harnessing the collective strengths of our partners and stakeholders, we are continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving positive change in the industry.

With increasing competition in the digital sector, how do you plan to differentiate e& enterprise and maintain a leading position in the market?  

This is a market that is quite significant, robust, and experiencing rapid growth, averaging between 10 to 12% annually, with numerous players involved. It's characterized by a lack of concentration, with each company holding approximately 3% of the market share. This diversity allows ample room for expansion and presents opportunities for consolidation.

One key aspect that sets us apart is our unique position within the industry. As part of a leading telecommunications company, we benefit from the strength of our brand and reputation. Originating from the UAE— a hub of technological advancement— we boast an incredible portfolio of solutions that cater to diverse customer needs. Our offerings span the spectrum of end-to-end solutions, underscoring our commitment to comprehensive service provision. Additionally, our exceptional track record of delivery further solidifies our position in the market.

Looking ahead, our focus is on continual improvement and enhancement. We aim to gain access to more innovative solutions to better serve our customers. This pursuit involves both organic growth and strategic acquisitions, as we seek to expand our capabilities and remain at the forefront of technological advancement in the industry.

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