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During MWC 2023, Comviva announced its partnership with Ooredoo Tunisia to strengthen the telecom operator’s customers' loyalty and engagement by deploying the flagship MobiLytix™ Marketing Studio platform.

Telecom Review held an exclusive interview with Ooredoo Tunisia CEO Mansoor Rashid Al-Khater and Comviva CEO Manoranjan Mohapatra, where they shared the importance of this collaboration, their vision for improving customer experience and how technologies drive the digital transformation of telcos.

Thank you for joining us. How are data science and AI driving the digital transformation strategies of telcos? What are some of the noteworthy trends?

Manoranjan: I think this is a very obvious question, but not many people have thought through why this is becoming suddenly so important. One of the reasons is that we're using a multitude of devices with a multitude of channels. And, as users, we're generating a ton of data. To meaningfully consume that data — deriving intelligence from it — it's become increasingly impossible to do it the old-fashioned way. And that is where AI and ML — machine learning — comes in.

Let's say you were to predict the chances that Mansoor would churn out of Ooredoo’s network. Manually, we can say that there’s a 70% chance that he will. But if that's with AI churning all that data about his usage behavior, I could take it to 85%.

Having said that, it is the machine’s capability — powered by data science and AI — to consume data in real-time and at a faster pace that gives it the edge to be implemented in decision-making.

Tell us about Ooredoo’s vision to improve customer experience.

Mansoor: The customer is at the heart of our business. And today, at Ooredoo, we need to make sure that we are upgrading customers’ experience with us. And everything we do should be centered around them. So if you look at the current behavior that we are seeing, especially after COVID, customer behavior has changed dramatically. We need to make sure that we are understanding their needs and fulfilling their requirements.

How will your MobiLytix™ Marketing Studio help Ooredoo deliver a contextual digital experience?

Manoranjan: There are three things that I believe ultimately make a difference. One is the domain knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior, which the Ooredoo and Comviva teams already bring to the table. The second one is the platform that helps you model anything that you want to drive as a consumer behavior and empower consumers on their digital journey. And the third one, which is equally important, is how soon you're able to react on the feedback path as you're changing and improving the models on a continuous basis. All three — the domain knowledge, the technology platform and your ability to quickly turn around the use cases — are what deliver the value.

How does this partnership with Comviva empower your consumers on their digital journey?

Mansoor: As a continuation of what I have said earlier, since we have a big change in customer behavior, we need Comviva to be with us because they have a very powerful tool today to understand the customer behavior, their usage and how to use this magnitude of data that the customer is already having or using within our network, as well as how can we do a customized offer that targets those customers or how can we give them the next best offer that fulfills their requirements and needs. Without the tools and skill set that we're having with this partnership, we will not be able to fulfill the requirements that we're looking into in the future.

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