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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Edgard Tawk, CEO and founder at Hiverse, spoke about the wide range of services offered by the company to businesses. He also presented the key elements to achieve digital transformation and highlighted some of the expectations and visions for hiverse in the future. Tawk emphasized that Hiverse is known for delivering a very unique customer experience and new solutions.

First of all, what is the range of services offered by Hiverse to businesses?

Hiverse is a collaboration that allows businesses to communicate properly with their employees and their people. It allows as well people inside any organization, any company or any club to communicate together in a very secure way; so Hiverse is the Facebook, the Intranet of every company, it has a social wall with all the interactions, as groups and people can interact and share stuff. It has also an e-learning portal where people can have access to courses.

Moreover, it has a secure chat, a library where all the content of the company is in one place and at the same time it has also the directory inside the company, so people can get to know each other. It’s like a one-stop-shop for everything people inside any organization need to do, for their social work.

What are the expectations and visions for Hiverse in the future?

In Q1 2022, we are offering Hiverse for free for small companies that are less than 10 employees. Companies can register online on www.hiverse.com, and they can invite their employees to use hiverse. In addition, we are giving also trials for 3 months for bigger organizations, for SMEs mainly. We estimate that by end of 2022, we will have a hundred thousand active users on Hiverse, and then the sky will be the limit.

Last but not least, what elements do you consider key to achieve digital transformation?

The first important element is consumer and customer experience. Any product that needs to go digital should focus on the customer and end-user, and this is what we call user experience. The second important element is agility. All companies that want to go into any digital transformation need to be fully agile. I will invite them to imply some of the agility models like the SCRUM model, it’s one of the models that employees at Hiverse apply in their work.    

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