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NXN, under the dynamic leadership and vision of its CEO Ghazi Atallah, has established itself as a pioneer in helping enterprises both in the public and private sector to achieve their digital transformation goals. The Dubai-based company follows a roadmap of smart and digital services based on customer requirements and rigorous market analysis. 

In a year full of major change, it is evident that data has become a key input for driving growth, enabling businesses to differentiate themselves and maintain a competitive edge. Telecom Review sat down with NXN’s CEO to discuss the latest projects the company has been working on and to get expert’s insight on the importance of data practice.

How has 2020 been so far for NXN? What measures did you adopt to better serve customers during a challenging year full of major change?

2020 has been a difficult year for everybody. However, we are lucky we have many ongoing projects that we are working on with our customers. It's been a relatively good year in terms of outcome, despite its challenges. As a digitally-native company, we adopted early on the ability to work remotely, collaborate online, and so on. So for us, it's been really quite easy to digitally transform and we have been helping our customers to do so as well. This is something that we are doing right now, and will continue to do as we move forward.

COVID-19 has triggered many changes in the way we live and work. What digital trends are here to stay after the pandemic has passed?

Aside from the continuation of remote working, I think the amalgamation of physical and digital worlds coming together is here to stay. The ability to bring digitally and physically native capabilities together will open up new opportunities for collaboration.  

Businesses are also investing heavily in analytics to support digital transformation and monetize their data. One of the most important things that we've done this year is invest in our data practice. We have a full team dedicated towards data; from data governance, data strategy, data analytics, and data science. We have adopted a widespread strategy to put in place the right technology, people, and tools for data analytics to bring the entire capability of an excellent service for our customers.  This is another important digital trend and we will continue to invest in it as we move forward.

Can you tell us about any projects or partnerships you might embark on in 2021?

An interesting one to mention is our partnership with Zain group. We have been working with Zain for many years and this will continue into 2021. We are establishing a group-wide data strategy, data analytics, and data science engagement that allows us to both set the governance structure in the data model, and also execute on the technology required for data and data science use cases that we are now finalizing.

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