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B-Yond is helping CSPs become customer-centric through its strong portfolio that offers products based on AI and machine learning technologies. Telecom Review spoke to Rahul Chandra, EVP, partnerships & marketing at B-Yond to know more about how B-Yond, which first launched in 2017 as a startup, and turned into a global AI company. 

How is B-Yond driving the advancement of automation in the telco/CSP industry?

B-Yond has a strong portfolio of products that use artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) that automate, analyze and help CSPs monetize their network assets. At the core of AI automation is the availability of clean and accurate data. B-Yond helps automate discovery and reconciliation of network data and creates a strong foundation for any AI initiatives the CSP might choose to undertake. 

Additionally, while CSPs typically focus on automating specific business processes or services testing on their journey to automation, B-Yond’s solutions go a step further and automate time/resource consuming root cause analysis and troubleshooting. This is of increasing importance as networks become more complex, ‘software-ized’ and involve multiple points of failure. 

Finally, B-Yond is helping CSPs transition from network-centric to customer-centric processes. Our patent-pending platform ingests and analyzes cross-functional data to uniquely measure customer experience and enable carriers to make network decisions to maximize customer value, not just network KPIs. 

What are some of the challenges for telcos and CSPs in relation to AI adoption?

In our experience working with global CSPs, we have identified the following top three barriers to AI


  • Lack of AI expertise: CSPs have SME resources with strong domain knowledge but lack the skills in data analytics, necessary to implement AI solutions. Having a skilled AI partner in this journey can be significantly beneficial to the overall process.
  • Data issues: Data is either unavailable, difficult to access or inaccurate. B-Yond has solved this issue through its INTEGRITY solution that creates a single source of truth for network assets. 
  • Silo approach: CSPs often struggle to prioritize business cases and often have multiple projects lacking a common underlying platform and methodology. It is important to take an ‘industrialized platform’ approach that enables complete integration with other modules, scales well and creates production-ready machine learning models. B-Yond’s INFINITY platform was built primarily to address this issue.  

B-Yond initiated as an ambitious startup in 2017 and is quickly becoming a global force working with multiple global top telcos. What is the secret?

B-Yond is an artificial intelligence company with telecom engineering at its core. Our telecom expertise allows us to understand the nuances unique to our space and helps tailor our solutions to maximize value for CSPs. 

Built on the strong foundation of Infiniux group with over 15 years of telco expertise, B-Yond had unprecedented access to network data from some of the largest telcos globally and has been critical to refining its machine learning models. This has led to continuously improving AI solutions that produce the highest ROI for our customers.

Secondly, B-Yond has deliberately taken a customer-centric approach to its solutions. Customer satisfaction is a top strategic priority for telco CEOs and B-Yond is assisting them directly correlate their investment decisions with customer satisfaction and revenue. Our unique approach was recently validated as we were recognized as a “Gartner Cool Vendor” in October 2019. 

We also recently received the prestigious “Best Customer Care” award at the AI Telco summit in Europe, placing us as one of the top AI companies in the telecom space. We are excited to partner with telcos and bring these award-winning solutions to help them in their AI transformation journey.  

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