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NASA's humanoid robot, Valkyrie, is being tested at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and is designed to operate in damaged environments like those hit by natural disasters. Engineers believe that humanoid robots, equipped with the right software, will eventually be able to function similarly to humans and use the same tools and equipment. NASA envisions humanoid robots playing a crucial role in space missions, undertaking responsibilities such as cleaning solar panels and inspecting malfunctioning spacecraft equipment. This integration allows astronauts to concentrate on exploration and discovery.

NASA is partnering with robotics companies like Apptronik to learn how humanoid robots developed for terrestrial purposes could benefit future humanoid robots destined for space. Apptronik's robot, Apollo, designed for tasks in warehouses and manufacturing plants, is expected to be available to companies by early 2025.

With advancements in software and development, humanoid robots like Apollo could potentially be used in a variety of applications, including space. NASA is interested in understanding the key gaps and investing in the future to bring terrestrial systems into the space environment.

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