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5G is still shining and the focus of the ICT sector and governments is still in that direction.

This generation of wireless communication standards, arriving after 20 years of 3G, is allowing the smartphones to show their true capabilities and create the first real mobility.

Today, 5G is delivering speeds that enable smooth video streaming, thus, having a positive impact on multiple applications that require stable and reliable connectivity.

5G is indeed promising, but this technology still has a long way ahead before its global deployment as many countries are still behind and did not invest until today into the 5G era, seeing that the ROI of 4G is not yet saturated.

In early 2020, only 34 counties were recorded to have fully deployed 5G; and even in places where 5G is in full service, consumers are only enjoying that upgraded speeds neglecting other 5G benefits.

Nevertheless, we are witnessing now many vendors and countries pushing for 6G. But, as per industry analysts, no one is ready to nest in 6G even if the technology is ready.

Maybe in a few years, counting 2025 onwards, 5G maturity might reach a tipping point and only then, there will be room for another generation of wireless connectivity.

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