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Xebia, a leading global IT consultancy and services company, has united with 47 Degrees, a US-based global technology consultancy focused on unlocking business growth by creating assured solutions for complex, mission-critical software.

47 Degrees has been focused on building and deploying innovative applications for its clients and actively engaging in the tech community since 2010. The company offers comprehensive consulting services in functional programming languages and related technologies like Scala, Kotlin, Spark, Kafka and Akka. While the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, they have strong footholds in Spain, the United Kingdom and Colombia. Its team handles the design, development and deployment of applications for its clients so that companies can focus on their core business goals. Their engineers coordinate with client teams to provide additional bandwidth and adapt mission-critical workflow.

Regarding the collaboration, Anand Sahay, global CEO, Xebia Group, said, “We are delighted to join forces with 47 Degrees, and we believe that with their strong expertise in Scala, Kotlin as well as functional Java, this acquisition will establish our presence in the global market and also allow us to widen our functional programming expertise to Rust, Clojure, and Haskell. We aim to become one of the most significant one-stop-shops for all functional programming needs."

Nick Elsberry, CEO of 47 Degrees, added, “We’re pleased to join forces with Xebia, strong supporters of the functional paradigm, to leverage and support our comprehensive services and expertise to our future and existing clients. Xebia aligns with our technology goals and people-first methodologies, and we’re excited about this next chapter.”

Functional languages provide significant advantages while building highly scalable and parallelized systems. As the demand for such scalable systems is increasing exponentially among enterprises and innovative start-ups worldwide, there is a simultaneous demand for unfragmented specialized talent that can support the adoption of functional paradigms.

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