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Sparkle, the international services arm of TIM Group and one of the ten global operators, won the 'Enterprise application of the year for Media' award at the annual MEF Excellence Awards held in Orlando, Florida, for its joint media solution with Aldea, a provider of services and solutions for the television, film and media industries.

The award recognizes the most innovative service application that meets the requirements of media players such as broadcasters, content providers, and final diffusion networks ensuring top performance and global coverage.

Sparkle and Aldea have developed a joint media solution that leverages both the superior performance of Carrier Ethernet along with the flexibility permitted by bandwidth on demand. The solution will be available to customers starting next December.

When applied to the video transport layer of the network, this joint media solution caters perfectly to the evolving needs of the media industry for both permanent and occasional use video services, transport of linear channels, along with the highest quality video solutions for special events.

The prestigious awards program is part of MEF17, a gathering focused on high-performance Carrier Ethernet services and advanced automation and virtualization network services powered by LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration), NFV, SDN and CE 2.0 networking technologies.

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