Zain KSA has been labelled as the Kingdom’s preferred digital services provider following the great achievements the operator has made throughout its journey. In an exclusive interview with Eng. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Aldeghaither, CEO, Zain KSA, Telecom Review delved into the operator’s main accomplishments that encompass most importantly having the fourth largest 5G network in the world and the largest in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

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It is no surprise that the industry was dealt an immense blow as soon as COVID-19 hit. Operators and vendors alike, across the world, have had to deal with (or are currently dealing with) an immense burden due to widespread lockdowns and the rise in remote working and learning. This has caused a great deal of pressure on networks everywhere. However, companies have been quick to realize that this may just be the right time to leverage emerging technologies to ensure business continuity and minimize the disruption of business operations.

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With more than 20 years of experience in business development in telecommunications, Florence Sebastien, CEO, FSE Consulting spoke to Telecom Review about her journey and the role that FSE Consulting is playing today in the industry.

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As a group of companies that consists of high profile value added services for telecoms, with strategic services for mobile operators, Telecom Review sat with Ayman Jomaa, CEO of Numbase Group, in an interview to talk about the recently launched music application, Muzeit.

You have recently launched Muzeit application, could you give us details about it, what are its unique features?
It's the new revolutionary trending music app that connects people to music and music to people.

Never been done before, we have experienced sharing photo's we have experienced sharing comments and sharing videos, but we have never experienced sharing music through contacts directly.

Muzeit is the platform that gives you the ability to musically exchange all these characteristics that you're experiencing with your friends and the community around you.

It starts by creating your own profile based on your mobile number; you get to invite your friends, follow them, listen to the songs they have downloaded, you can even recommend a song or send them a message or have a chat with them. It contains a newsfeed section where your friends get to see your activities and vice versa, driving you to create a musical group of friends.

Moreover, you can listen on apple music and stream unlimited songs from the apple store. Once you have the list of songs ready, it can play by itself automatically, moving from one song to the other. What's interesting about this application is that it has complete privacy; the user can hide a song that he doesn't want it to be seen by his contacts.

It's worth mentioning that this application only syncs official original songs, not low resolution recorded versions.

It also specializes in a specific feature where you can choose your own store to facilitate accessing different stores even when you are using some other country code mobile numbers.

Are you working on any plan to make it applicable on Android devices or Google store as well?Work is ongoing to launch it on Android platforms soon, in line with our strategy and future milestones.

Have you found significant demand for it by the consumer?
Although it has been newly launched, yet it's doing very well. We have already become the number one music application on iTunes and in eighteen countries in only three weeks.

Have you created a specific desktop version for Muzeit?
We are planning to launch it in the near future; it will be available on laptops and Apple TV. As for Apple watch, it is already ready, but we haven't released it yet. Our goal is to make Muzeit available for users on the go and anywhere.

What kind of challenges are you facing by implementing this application?
The challenges we have has created a great pleasure for us working with Muzeit to connect hundreds of thousands and coming to millions of people from different cultures across the world, East to West through music.

It's a pleasurable challenge identifying the similarities in taste between people living thousands of miles apart and yet shares the same rhythm of music versus people living in the same house with completely different rhythms.

Muzeit brings people on diversified geographies with the same taste closer to one another.

Are you working towards adding additional features to Muzeit?
We will soon have a page related to celebrities, where users will be able to follow the artists' activities on a daily basis. There are several celebrities who have downloaded our application; even some of them have asked us if they can add their songs to Muzeit.

We only gave a taste of what Muzeit can explore or bring; however, what we still have in our pockets is tons of ideas to come.

In which countries do you have presence until now?
Until now we are present in more than 70 countries across the world.

It's worth mentioning that we have invested in Muzeit believing that we will be number one all across countries.

Do you have any future plans to develop more applications?
Yes of course, Muzeit is owned by Numbase group which is a leader in the mobile innovation & value added services sector.

One of the entities within Numbase Group invested in Shazam, the world's leading music identification platform.