Not long ago, satellite television was being written off as an outdated medium of consuming content that would not survive the digital age. Orbit Showtime Network - OSN, is a long-standing satellite provider serving the MENA region for almost 25 years. OSN welcomed Patrick Tillieux as chief executive officer just over a year ago. Since his appointment, he has made profound changes to OSN, to which he refers as a “radical evolution” of the company. Tillieux has a much more positive approach towards satellite TV. He believes that there is still potential in the market and intends to continue work on both traditional and digital methods of consuming content.

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Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa, the GCC’s only mobile provider with multiple live operations and millions of active customers, has a proven track-record of delivering outstanding mobile experiences to customers across the region. The company operates in the region under two brands: Virgin Mobile and FREiNDi Mobile. Telecom Review sat down with Erik Dudman Nielsen, founder and CEO of Virgin Mobile MEA, to talk about the company’s success in some of the region’s most mature markets and to gain greater insight into what makes their services truly outstanding to their customers.

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For more than 140 years, Ericsson has been continuously at the forefront of innovation. The tech giant has been a key player in the MEA region with its outstanding network infrastructure, dependable services and ability to understand and capitalize on the latest industry trends.

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Notes from the Chief Editor

The digital age and technology are omnipresent in all aspects of our daily life, but is education at schools and universities moving at the same speed? Are educational institutions adequately preparing the next digital generation?

Educational establishments are changing curricula to include high tech courses in all majors, from engineering to medicine and even journalism.

The main universities in the USA, Canada and UK are already focusing on this and are integrating artificial intelligence into their systems. One school of thought is that artificial intelligence should not be suggested as an elective course, but rather as a requirement, whatever major students choose.

Furthermore, quantum computing is changing companies, industries and governments - that is why it should be included in any educational program.

Cybersecurity is a must-have for everyone. We are all online and this means our most important data is too. Learning to protect our data privacy should begin along with the most basic learning courses.

Preparing our digital generation is important regardless of the field of study or objectives of the workplace. It would be best to apply this approach now, to prepare the current generation moving forward.
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