sirar by stc, the cutting-edge cybersecurity provider by stc Group, was awarded the “Managed Security Service Provider Partner of the Year 2021” for its valuable contribution towards the cybersecurity industry.

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A circular economy entails reusing products, rather than scrapping them and then extracting new resources. Telecommunications players have been heeding the call to promote the circular economy within their own field and market, however, a lot remains to be done.

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Nowadays, the telecom sector is all too familiar with challenges and difficulties. With the growing demand for seamless connectivity and customized solutions, a wide variety of products and services, the ever-increasing amounts of data to handle, and the cutting off competition, the telecom sector is heavily burdened. And for this, automation via robotic process automation (RPA) is the answer. We live in a digital era where businesses and industries are automating their systems and operations.  As telcos seek to address network complexities and revenue declines, RPA is becoming more important to their strategies.

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The need for robust and agile mobile networks to empower and drive a country’s digital transformation cannot be understated. Digitalization is helping companies address and solve their biggest and business-critical challenges, using applications that depend on reliable and ultra-low latency connectivity to deliver the goods. As such, the evolution of telecommunication networks is happening at a faster pace.

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