Technology has dug its roots deep into the foundations of the sustainable existence of both modern enterprises and individuals. It has evolved to be indispensable for most of us by essentially catapulting our customer experience radically in various transactions. One current example can be seen in the growing trend of using cashless payments made across borders to buy real estate virtually. Gone are the days when one had to board a plane and physically reach a location to buy property. We’ve charted a new world, and such experiences will only evolve further with emerging technologies entering our digital mainstream.  

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Among the major pain points faced by the industry sector, especially in manufacturing, are incidences of accidents and injuries. Treatment and rehabilitation of injured staff can require huge chunks of company money and result in unplanned downtimes and inefficiency. Fortunately, with the advent of industry 4.0 technology, such instances can be drastically minimized to improve both the well-being of workers and the overall business health of industries.

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Noreen Nasralla, Group Senior Vice President, Brand and Marcomms at e& (Etisalat UAE) has won the title of Asia's Power Leader in Marketing & Communications 2022 from the UAE. White Page International — a global consulting firm featured Noreen as one of the Top 100 Leaders of Asia (South East Asia, Middle East and Indian Sub Continent) in Marketing & Communications.

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Under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor of Digital Government Authority, Eng. Ahmed bin Mohammed Alsuwaiyan, the cutting-edge cybersecurity company sirar by stc signed an agreement with Fintech Saudi, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for the Technology sector Mr. Ibrahim Al-Nasser; the Deputy Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission for the Information and Emerging Technologies’ sector Mr. Raed Al-Fayez; Deputy Governor for Development and Technology at Saudi Central Bank, Mr. Ziad Al-Yousef; and the Deputy Strategy & International Affairs at Capital Market Authority, Mr. Yazeed AlDemaigi.

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After the Twitter takeover fallout, Tesla owner Elon Musk seems to have another headache to deal with. His electric car maker brand Tesla has been accused of misleading consumers about its driver assistance systems by a California regulator.

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Ever since the EU’s GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) has taken effect, data privacy has gained more importance and countries all over the world have started to draft their own laws and regulations. When the issue of data privacy is raised, two elements emerge: security and ethics.

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