The future of mobility will see the integration of a combination of technologies that will facilitate the ultimate experience for commuters in urban cityscapes, with focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Seaports, logistical hubs, and airports will be fully automated to enhance greater interoperability between trading country partners for boosting economic developments. The way we move and connect is going through a rapid evolution.

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The 12th edition of  5G MENA event started off with the 'Chair’s opening remarks and ‘2022 trends to watch in Middle East & Africa' by Matthew Reed, Chief Analyst, Service Provider Markets, Omdia. Key topics of planning for 5G monetization alongside service delivery, building use cases for demonstrating return on investment in 5G and future technologies and utilising fixed 5G to drive incremental revenues were discussed.

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The new normal setup of the pandemic has made access control an important aspect to understand, integrate, and improve. Having said that, mobile technology and technological advancements in cloud computing have driven innovation in switching from manual access control to electronic and cloud-based ones.

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In light of the dire economic situation in Lebanon, Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications Johnny Corm held a press conference, along with Ogero, Alfa and touch, to inform subscribers of an increase in telecom prices that sooner or later had to happen to protect the sector from falling apart. The new prices will all be in USD at the exchange rate of BDL’s Sayrafa platform.

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