To help preserve hospital bed capacity only for high risk patients and to support, monitor and advise patients suffering from COVID-19 symptoms wherever they may be, NXN has aligned with smart health solution provider, Canadian-based Tactio Health Group and deployed the COVID-19 care program for remote patient monitoring using NXN’s DNX platform.

The platform tracks symptoms, body temperature and respiratory rate and includes real-time alerting and instant messaging and videocalling.

The new program embedded within the RPM smart health solution is designed to facilitate healthcare providers’ ability to monitor potential cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which has been rapidly spreading across the region and posing new challenges to healthcare providers.

Moreover, it provides support to healthcare providers in monitoring the health status of patients who are low to medium-risk or whom are sent home or are self-quarantined. This leads to better and more timely care for a larger population while reserving the stock of hospital beds for high-risk patients or those who require intensive care and constant monitoring of their health conditions.