At the Telecom Review Summit this year, the largest and most anticipated ICT gathering in the region bringing together the industry’s most influential figures, MTN GlobalConnect was awarded ‘Best African Wholesale Operator’.

Toni Eid, CEO of Trace Media International and Founder of Telecom Review, commented: “We take great pride in presenting these awards to our winners this year in an effort to honor their distinguished success in their respective categories.”

In reference to the event itself, he stated, “I am proud to say that this year’s Summit has been a tremendous success and has brought together the most prominent figures of the ICT industry to discuss the latest and greatest in telecoms and technology.”

Due to MTN GlobalConnect’s high-quality network in Africa, it has proven to be quite a valuable asset in attracting multinational clients and ensuring greater connectivity within the region.

The award was accepted by Frederic Schepens, CEO of MTN GlobalConnect.

Commenting on the gathering of the Telecom Review Excellence Awards, Jeff Seal, Managing Partner of Telecom Review North America noted, "These awards recognize not only the best of the best in the industry, but their achievements as individuals."

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