Zebra Technologies focuses on helping enterprises and government organizations adopt a more dynamic workflow through IoT-centric sensor technology, powerful cloud computing software and connected enterprise-class mobile computers. Zebra's products and solutions are used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.

Tapping into the three industry megatrends of IoT, cloud computing and mobility, Zebra's Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI) solutions provide organizations with visibility and actionable information into their most valued assets.

Zebra enables real-time visibility into people and things, allowing businesses to sense what is happening in their enterprise so they can simplify their operations. The company helps individuals know more about their business by empowering them to analyze real-time operational data about people and things to deliver actionable insights that drive real-time, smarter decisions.

Zebra Technologies has already developed the building blocks of today's internet of things (IoT) including printers, mobile computing, scanners, and barcode and RFID technology.

The company's solutions enable enterprises to capitalize on the technology megatrends and to create an intelligent enterprise. This helps them to outperform their competition, elevate the customer experience and strengthen their operations.

The number one key driver for IoT adoption is enhancing the customer experience, but other drivers include generating revenue, reducing operating costs, keeping pace with competition and real-time visibility into the supply chain to improve inventory management.

IoT is a strong trend driving innovation and supports Zebra's 'sense-analyze-act' focus when it comes to solutions design and integration. IoT enables Zebra Technologies' Enterprise Asset Intelligence approach in which intelligent data is key to supporting business decisions and actions to maximize productivity from the assets of an enterprise.

For example, our Zebra SmartLens™ for retail asset visibility solution, is an an enterprise asset intelligence offering that delivers deeper visibility into retail operations, provides better business insights and enables smarter decisions.

By Hozefa Saylawala, director of Sales - Middle East & Africa, Zebra Technologies

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