Spectrum assignment is an important element to ensure the Middle East and North Africa’s economic prosperity. An expert on this topic, Luciana Camargos, Head of Spectrum at the GSMA, discussed in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, how Spectrum is a key driver of economic growth in MENA, and explained more about the importance of GSMA’s recommendation of the 2 GHz of mid-band spectrum.

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PROSE, the spinoff of Rosenberger Technologies' antenna and wireless product portfolio, was announced in early 2022. We connected with Vick Mamlouk, the Senior Advisor at Rosenberger Technologies, to shed light on the essence of this new brand, their current business environment, and the growth outlook within the wireless industry.

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In conjunction with the Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS) 2022, Telecom Review Asia interviews Aaron Jiang, President of SingleRAN product line, Huawei, on how IntelligentRAN realizes the mobile network of intelligent business operation, intelligent network optimization, as well as intelligent operation and maintenance to connect all things in the era of intelligent connection.

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Red Hat aims to make the cloud infrastructure as easy to consume as possible. Azhar Sayeed, Senior Director, Global Telco Technical Development at Red Hat spoke with Telecom Review during the 5G MENA event about the key to building a multi-cloud strategy for telcos and how CSPs can maximize the cloud sustainably, among other insights.

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Intigral has proven to be one of the key media and entertainment players in KSA and the MENA region, notably through its platforms Jawwy TV (also known as stc tv in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain). Telecom Review interviewed Intigral CEO Markus Golder to find out more about the company and the role that Jawwy TV is currently playing in the region.

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CommScope Mosaic comes as a solution to the challenges of 5G rollouts. On the sidelines of the 5G MENA event, Raed Aoude, Director of Sales - MENAPAK & SEA, CommScope, enlightened Telecom Review of the 5G commercialization scene in the MENA region and how they are addressing the problems being faced by their partners on this matter.

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In line with the Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS) 2022, Telecom Review interviews Daisy Zhu, vice president of wireless network marketing, Huawei, on 5.5G as the next evolutionary step in the 5G journey to deepen digital and intelligent transformation.

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Named one of the 10 most promising Polish startups by EU Startups and recognized as one of six world-leading 5G Startups Building 5G Infrastructure by Nanalyze Magazine, Microamp Solutions has been laser-focused on solving the industry’s most complex engineering problems. Telecom Review spoke to Dawid Kuchta, CEO, Microamp, who shared his company’s core offerings and expansion plans.

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During CABSAT 2022, Telecom Review had an exclusive with SpaceBridge CEO David Gelerman. Founded in 1988, SpaceBridge is an established supplier and global market leader in broadband satellite communications systems technology, with its headquarters located in Montreal, Canada and among its remote offices is in the Middle East.

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